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Fishy smell

Blank Blank

Fishy smell

I've noticed that my vagina has a odor lately, it started having a fishy odor after my partner came inside me & lasted a day or so, but now its getting to smell more. Its really bothering me......What could it be caused from & how can I.stop this fast??????
Its most likely from him cumming in you. Your vagina is acidic and a man's sperm is more alkaline so it throws off your vaginas natural ph. Could also have caused bacterial Vaginosis. Since you just got it hurry and go to the doctor. The antibiotic should get rid of it. Don't wait or you will regret it. Make sure when washing to pull back your clitoris hood and wash your clit good. It can hold a lot of bacteria and also cause odor. You can also try putting a tampon in a mixture of water and lemon juice and letting it soak it up then insert in your vagina. It'll help restore you ph since it's acidic and also kill bad bacteria and while leaving the good. You can also wash the outside of your vagina in the mixture so it also healthy.
Good luck sweetie
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