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Pop Quiz: How Much You Know About Diabetes?

If you’ve been following this blog, it’s my hope that you’ve learned a thing a two about diabetes. As we approach the end of the school year, I thought it’d be fun to test your knowledge to see how much you know about diabetes and controlling your blood sugar. (Don't peek at the answers below!)

Let’s get started!

1. Starting insulin means my diabetes is getting worse?
a) True
b.) False

2. An average amount of carbohydrate people with type 2 diabetes should aim for at meals is __________?
a.) 100 grams
b.) No carbohydrate—that will raise your blood glucose
c.) 45-60 grams
d.) 75 grams

3. People at higher risk for type 2 diabetes are?
a.) Of Asian background
b.) Overweight
c.) Have a family history of diabetes
d.) Have had gestational diabetes
e.) All of the above

4. Exercise can ___________?
a.) Turn my hair gray
b.) Raise or lower my glucose level depending on the type of exercise
c.) Strengthen my bones
d.) Improve my cardiovascular health
e.) b, c and d

5. What is A1C?
a.) A measure of kidney function
b.) A snapshot of my blood glucose today
c.) An insurance billing code for high glucose
d.) A measure of my glucose control over a 2- to 3-month period

Take a guess at the answers by writing them down or posting in the comments below. When you've made your guesses, scroll down for the answers and explanations.


1. b – Diabetes is a progressive disease which causes the slow destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas over time. Exogenous insulin is now made by taking human DNA that codes for insulin and putting it into microorganisms to generate insulin. It is almost a match for your own insulin. The reason many people seem to get complications such as blindness or nerve damage when they start insulin is because their blood glucose has been elevated for too long a time and the damage has already occurred. Starting insulin and lowering the blood glucose will help prevent additional damage.

2. c – Type 2 diabetes makes people insulin resistant which limits the amount of carbohydrate their bodies can handle at one time. Most people can tolerate between 45 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per meal, more if they are active and less if they are inactive or want to lose weight.

3. e – Excess weight, being a member of certain ethnic groups, having had gestational diabetes, having a family history along with increasing age and having metabolic syndrome all increase your risk of getting type 2 diabetes.

4. e – Exercise is a seminal part of the treatment for type 2 diabetes. It improves cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure and blood glucose, strengthens bones and improves psychological health. Most exercise lowers blood glucose, but some exercises such as strength training can raise it temporarily.

5. d – A1C stands for glycated hemoglobin. The more glucose there is in the blood, the greater the amount that attaches to hemoglobin (the molecule that carries oxygen in the blood). The A1C measures the amount of glucose attached to the hemoglobin molecule over a 2- to 3-month period.

How’d you do? Anyone get them all right? Share your score with me below!

Live well and enjoy!

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by daw44, Jan 29, 2014
5 / 5


by fieldingd, Jan 29, 2014
The pop quiz is an excellent learning tool. It's never about the score, it's always about the take-away.
Thanks for the new knowledge!

by 238jo, Jan 29, 2014
Got them all right!  And also learned from your explanations of the answers.  Thanks.


by Ras1652, Jan 29, 2014
5/5. 40 years of type 1.

by jdcatlady, Jan 29, 2014
I got 5 out of 5, I've been a type 1 diabetic for 45 years-if I flunked this quiz I'd be in a lot of trouble!!

by SBeasley, Jan 29, 2014
5/5, 2 years type 2.

by SohmFamily4, Jan 29, 2014
5/5 I've had Type 1 for 35 years next month. Caused by the flu in late Feb/early March '79. Diagnosis was made in late March. Needless to say,  I now highly encourage EVERYONE to get a flu shot.  (They were not available at the time of my diagnosis,) I was not considered "high risk" for getting the flu at the time, either, and have no history of Type 1 Diabetes in my family.

by Franxie, Jan 29, 2014
4/5:  Everyone from both sides of my family develops type 2 after the age of 50, so I've spent some time learning how to live with diabetes. When I eat more than 15g of carb per meal, my ppbg goes over 140, so I keep my daily carbs under 45g, or my fbg goes over 100. I want to put off needing meds as long as possible, so I'm protecting myself by eating to my meter every day.

by Julie13175, Jan 29, 2014
5/5 Insulin resistant and diagnosed at Type 2 @ 1.5 years ago. Lots of family members with diabetes so I grew up watching what it could do. I'm working to reverse it.

by maltamike, Jan 29, 2014
5/5.  Diagnosed with Type I (juvenile diabetes) in March 1973 at age 13.  Intrigued by the comment above by SohmFamily4 stating that diabetes was caused by flu.  No history of diabetes on either side of family and no traditional risk factors.  Recall mother saying how I had the flu prior to being diagnosed, but have never heard of there being a connection.

by Bain1, Jan 29, 2014
Got them all right after 6 years of diabetes

by Susie_B36, Jan 29, 2014
Got them all correct. Have a great doctor who referred me to a diabetic trainer 11 years ago who got me off to a good start with understanding control issues for Type 2 diabetes. Susie B.

by HAMRADIO, Jan 29, 2014
by Bob

Got them all correct, had an excellent Doctor when first diagnosed and continue to have an excellent Doctor.  Proper education at the start helps to ensure you keep doing the right things.  Tai Chi 3 times a week helps greatly and they have a form for diabetes which I monitored my blood sugar when I started it and it worked extremely well.

by jlbpoet, Jan 29, 2014

by knightowl_00, Jan 29, 2014
5/5 Type II - 40 years...

by DaCrow1228, Jan 30, 2014
5/5 I had gotten diabetes in 1973 at the age of 10 I have been fighting with diabetes for all this years and I have had my ups and downs and now thanks to my doctors and me getting my act together I am under great control. Thank you for all the great information that is on this site it really does help to know what diabetes really is.  

by latinmoreno, Jan 30, 2014
5/5 9 years with type 2, now using novalog insulin pen before each meal to maintain my reading low for the past 6 months. Doctor got me on a strict diet and exercising believe me it helps. Hopefully this might get me back to the pills again. The only way to keep in control, first love yourself and if you don't your love ones will suffer.

by Nora Saul, M.S, R.D., L.D.N., C.D.EBlank, Jan 30, 2014
All who wrote,
Thank you so much for your feedback.  It is always great to hear back from people who have read the blog. I think it is fantastic that so many people are doing so well!!.   If we do another quiz, I am going to have to make the questions harder. As regards the question about type 1 diabetes and the flu posed by maltamike, the cause of type 1 diabetes remains unknown, but a viral insult is one of the factors that have been under consideration for quite a while.

by tafan1, Feb 02, 2014
4/5 Diagnosed in May 2013.

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