Exercise Tracker: Track Your Calories Burned!

Whether you measure your workout in steps, miles or minutes, an exercise tracker holds a yardstick up to your accomplishments. Our exercise tracker lets you record your workouts to help you reach your get-healthy goals. Kick it up a notch by noting intensity, time and type of the exercise you do.

Hone your workouts by using additional features of the exercise tracker. For instance, you can record symptoms you’re feeling and treatments you take to see how side effects, like sore muscles or fatigue, are cured with remedies like ice or massage. Make special notes about your workout in the journal feature. And if you’re watching your waistline, the exercise tracker counts the calories you burn.

Tracking your workouts helps you:

  • Stay on top of your exercise goals
  • See how you’re improving over time
  • Keep track of the calories you burn
  • Learn which side-effects you get from exercise—and what treatments work best for your body

Whether your goal is to run a marathon or go on a daily walk, an exercise tracker will help you cross the finish line.

Start tracking now! >

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